Ayurveda Diet

Why is the Ayurveda Diet such a Life Changing Popular Program?

Ayurveda Diet

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The search for one of the best diets that work fast is now over. One of the top diets is known as the Ayurveda Diet. For starters, if you follow this diet and you can manage your cravings without giving into temptation you should be able to lose about 20 to 30 pounds a month. The Ayurveda diet can make you feel and look great for a summer outfit, or for those much-awaited special occasions perhaps.

What Exactly is an Ayurveda Diet?

The Ayurveda diet is a healing system from the Indian culture that has been proven in clinical studies to work for anyone. It can even be beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure and serious illnesses like diabetes, heart complications, skin problems—some of which can lead to cancer. The diet does not use any extreme measures to help you lose weight instead you lose weight naturally and easily.

How Does an Ayurveda Diet Differ From The Rest?

The very key to the Ayurveda diet is the use of spices in time-tested recipes. The doctors that participate with this program will give specialized diet menu or programs using those spices and recipes. These spices mostly contain weight-improving properties and commonly include the six tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, sour and astringent). This is because Ayurveda believes that the combination of these tastes in a single diet will help avoid cravings and impulsive eating. Imagine the comfort of being not deprived of food you really love.

Moreover, Ayurveda practitioners will help you realize what category of the three body types, known as a Dosha, you belong to. The purpose is to bring forth the best chances of dieting success and fast weight loss.

The categories of Dosha are the Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These categories that one must first be familiar with tend to become imbalanced in time. If this happens, problems resulting and weight gain arise. Best way to address this imbalance is to know the nature of each Dosha category and how to maintain it in homeostasis through diet.

The Vata body is usually thin, quick thinking and fast-paced both in lifestyle and system functioning. Balancing it means opting more on heavy and warm food and liquid intake. The Pitta resembles fire and water which means you will have a quick temperament and may have more oily skin than the other Dosha types. Therefore, it finds balance when cooler and drier foods are taken in. Lastly, the Kapha is water and earth which has the likelihood of having big bones alongside with muscles. For balance, light food intake is preferred.

There usually is one dominant and a secondary Dosha that guide your life. Therefore you would need to know both of your Dosha in order to figure out what type of foods and exercises you will need to concentrate.

What Is in the Menu of an Ayurveda Diet?

The Ayurveda diet only uses all-natural and organic ingredients. Food can be classified into many types, base on their effect to the body: Sattvic (for emotional boost), Rajasic (for mental and sense uplifting), or Tamasic (for weariness). The diet also strictly includes fresh food and naturally grown/prepared produce. This is due to the Ayurvedic belief that foods derived otherwise have already lost its physiological benefit.

Every meal you eat under this diet is healthy instead of being just fillers. The junk that you usually acquire from unhealthier eating habits can be as simple as fats and toxins that your body can’t lose easily. Fortunately, Ayurveda diet can help you get rid of these toxins and fats naturally.

What’s MORE in an Ayurveda Diet?

A set of exercises that is specifically geared towards your Dosha or body type comes along with the Ayurveda diet. Unlike other diets that work fast, it helps you become and stay more energized throughout the day time rather than tired and irritable. This not only works one way since it helps you get fast weight loss results and tone up your muscles, too. Plus, a more positive outlook and reduced stress are some bonus factors of the Ayurveda diet.

If you prefer saving money just to follow a diet, then you should try Ayurveda diet. You can even grow most of the vegetables in your backyard garden, if you do gardening. Since there is no prepackaged food in the diet, you save money by straying away from grocery-bought and processed food which may cost more than fresh ones.



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