Cardiac Diet

The Heartbeat Diet – Cardiac Diet

The cardiac diet was invented for the heart from the heart! Cardiac diets go a long way in keeping hearts healthy and simultaneously helps an individual’s physical aspects reach optimum BMI (body to mass index). These diets are also used when surgeons need overweight patients to be at their ideal weight and health condition prior to surgery. Cardiac Diets are good for anyone who needs to get fit in a short period of time, especially those who want to get into shape before summer arrives!

The cardiac diet is designed to keep the heart healthy while at the same time assist in quick weight loss. A diet that works fast, the heartbeat diet or similar diets have been known to work wonders in a very brief time frame. Some individuals have reported to have lost 5 pounds in three days while others have reported losing 15 – 20 pounds within a month!

However, as usual we are not going to condone crash diets as they may be counterproductive in the long run, we still employ the slowly but surely methods. The key factor in any successful diet is discipline and patience. 

How Does This Diet Work?

To achieve maximum results it is necessary to follow this diet with strict discipline. The foods that are recommended in the cardiac diet are designed based on the concept of the chemical breakdown that will help the fat burning process. This would mean that you will have to control hunger and not vary the amounts of the food intake that you will indulge in. They key element of this diet is low calories which may slow your metabolism down and as such you will have to eat and add exercises to keep the metabolism in status quo.

The most important factor is to minimize meat, fish and poultry to less than 6 ounces a day and no more than 4 servings of red meat per week. The rest are mainly vegetables, fruit and low fat or fat free dairy products with a 30 minute daily exercise plan (brisk walking, swimming, cycling or jogging).

Stock Up with vegetables, fruits, fish meat, chicken meat and tender red meat as well as whole grains and nuts.

The Game Plan


1 Glass of orange juice with 2 slices of plain toast

Preparation time 5 minutes or less


Fish or Chicken Meat 3 ounces steamed (no frying)

Salad with fat free yoghurt

1 glass of plain water minimum

Preparation time –20 minutes

Snack Attack

Fruit Salad with fat free yoghurt

Preparation time –20 minutes


1 Glass of grapefruit juice

Any Meat 3 ounces (without oil)

Salad however you like with low fat yoghurt

Preparation time 20 minutes


Vegemite Sandwich

Just like most other diets, the cardiac diet in order to work optimally it is essential to stay away from coffee or sugary beverages, stick to lean white meat, stay away from fast foods, NO alcoholic beverages

Nutritional Facts

About 15 grams of soluble fiber and about 30 grams of total fiber consumed on a daily basis will decrease the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed and circulated in the blood by trapping fat and binding them to the intestinal track. Fish and meat provide sufficient iron and nutrients required daily while whole grain fruits and vegetables assist in making up the various daily nutritional needs of the human body.


Cardiac diet being one of the best diets that work fast for those trying to achieve quick weight loss is a very low calorie diet. As such it may cause you to experience lethargy. If at all individuals trying this diet feel faint or weak, resume normal diet immediately. Alternating between a normal diet and the heartbeat diet is also effective provided the normal diet is not excessive in calories. As for the 30 minutes exercise it is essential that a proper warm-up is incorporated before starting the exercises so as to not exert the system.