South Beach Diet

Is the South Beach Diet Right For You?

South Beach Diet

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Are you looking for fast weight loss? If you have been on the rollercoaster of dieting for awhile, if you haven’t tried the South Beach Diet yet, then now is the time to do so. Your body goes under lots of stress when you’re on diets that work fast, which is why it can be so difficult to keep the weight loss. Your body craves calories, it needs certain vitamins and minerals to function properly, and so you have a mental desire to eat certain things that aren’t necessarily the best way to eat from a healthy standpoint, but it might be what you’re accustomed to eating so your body gets what it wants. If you’re ready to shed 20 pounds, 40 pounds, or even 100 pounds, the get ready for what the South Beach Diet can do to help you!

You Won’t Go Hungry with the South Beach Diet!

The South Beach Diet is not a diet where you have to starve yourself to death to see a couple pounds a week drop off of you, but it does encourage fast weight loss. It does restrict unhealthy fats, yes, but that’s because they are unhealthy! Healthy alternatives are instead encouraged, as are strategic snacking sessions. You can’t go wrong when you can have some snacks to fend off those cravings, right? The idea of the South Beach Diet is to learn portion control. Therefore, you’ll experience normal-sized portions of meals, no carb counting, no points, and no caloric control. The only controls you’ll find are sugar-rich foods are going to be off the menu, like beets, rice, and potatoes.

Get Started On a 14 Day Induction Phase

Two weeks might seem like awhile for an induction phase, but unlike other diets that have shorter times, the South Beach Diet isn’t trying to starve you to get you into ketosis. It’s still one of those diets that works fast, but it takes a little longer to kickstart your metabolism because you are learning better portion control and healthy eating habits, because ultimately that is what will help you get off the rollercoaster dieting. In the first two weeks of the diet, you will be limiting your dairy intake, cutting off all ties to alcoholic beverages, and staying away from sugar-rich carbs. That means no pasta or pastries either! They say you won’t miss these things after a couple days… but be prepared – the induction phase, while not starving you, can sometimes turn into a grind. It’s important to work through that grind, however, because you’re preparing your body for weight loss.

Stay in the Second Phase Until Your Target Weight

Once you’ve successfully made it through the first two week period of the diet, you’re likely ready for the second phase. You’ve already experienced some fast weight loss, you’ve gotten some encouragement, and you’re ready to eat some of the good stuff again! Some of the banned foods from the induction phase are allowed back into your diet again here, but you have to use them in moderation. Eating pasta every night for dinner isn’t going to happen, but you can have it once and awhile. You simply just pick the ones you want, have a little of them, and then stay away from them for a bit. It’s all about keeping with the healthy habits you’re learning. You keep doing this until you reach your target weight

Third Phase: Normal Life

Once you’ve reached your target weight, the goal shifts from weight loss to weight maintenance on the South Beach Diet. This can happen thanks to the portion control and healthy eating habits you’ve learned during your time on the diet. Simply eat your regular diet in normal portions, but with a few basic guidelines, which you’ll find in the book. The South Beach Diet is a great place to go if it’s your very first time on a diet or if you want to diet for the last time in your life. Control your eating habits, learn healthy alternatives, and keep portions limited so that you can lose weight and keep it off for good. Out of the diets that work fast, the South Beach Diet really is a helpful diet book that can help people reclaim their lives.