High Fiber Diet

Heave Ho Here We Go – High Fiber Diet

Resisting food is the kryptonite of the dieting individual! Your brain wants to feel good all the time and when the body is in need of refueling, all you have to do to beat the cravings is to indulge in a high fiber diet that fill you up without ‘actually filling you up’. The ploy here is to trick the mind into believing that your body does not require more food and resisting food becomes a breeze!

Heave Ho Here We Go – High Fiber Diet is a diet designed to keep your hunger at bay, so those of you who constantly need munchies, this diet is perfect as it not only helps you to lose weight quickly, but also gives you a boost of energy (which increases the metabolism rate and burns up fat even if you are as still as a statue). Following this diet for 26 days in a month or 6 days a week, could easily help you shed a few extra pounds within 30 days – although that largely depends what you consume on the 7th day!

Pound the pounds!

2 pounds in 30 days is the minimum you can expect to lose with minimal exercise. The bonus is by adding a 15 minute steady work-out every day you can double or triple the amount of pounds you shed depending on your metabolism rate.

How Does The High Fiber Diet Work?

To those of you who have heard of dietary fiber, but have no clue to what it actually is, here is a brief definition of it: Dietary fiber in layman’s terms is known as roughage or bulk. It is essentially foods from vegetation (plants) that the human body is not able to digest or absorb and is primarily found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Popular for its natural capability in preventing or relieving constipation dietary fiber can also provide other health benefits such as reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and maintaining a healthy body to mass index (BMI).

Stock Up with varied fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and yoghurt. A good list is as follows:

  • Whole grain breads
  • Cereals
  • Brown Rice
  • Whole grain pasta
  • Fruits and more fruits
  • Vegetables

The Game Plan


A bowl of cereal/oats (a cupful) and a side dish of your favorite fruit in yoghurt – Preparation time: 5 minutes


A big plate of Caesar’s salad with lean white meat (chicken or fish) plus a jumbo sized glass of fresh orange juice!- Preparation time 8 – 13 minutes and

Tea Time

An apple a day – Keeps the doctor away! – Preparation time depends on how far the apple is from you


Whole Meal Pasta with your favorite pasta sauce – Preparation time 15 – 20 minutes


Fruit Galore –– Preparation time: nil


Reduce intake of coffee or sugary beverages, only consume lean white meat, stay away from McDonalds, reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages, and drink plenty of water with a slice of lemon squeezed into it. Generally whole grain products contain soluble and insoluble fiber that vary considerably depending on the brand or product.

Nutritional Facts

A high fiber diet helps to stabilize bowel movements and prevents colon or bowel related disorders effectively. Another aspect of high fiber diets that has received much attention over the past 2 decades is the fact that it helps lower low-density lipoprotein, or “bad,” cholesterol levels, which are the culprits behind most heart related diseases. The soluble fiber found in dietary fiber reduces the frequency of sugar absorption and essentially improves sugar levels in the blood. Whole grains not only contain dietary fiber but also good sources of the B vitamin group (folate, niacin and riboflavin) that increases the body’s metabolism that assists in weight control. Oranges are a source of dietary fiber that contain vitamin C and calcium as bonuses.


Slowly but slowly is the theme for this diet as although fiber is important, introduce fiber at a steady space to avoid gastrointestinal reactions such as bloating, gas and cramps as it can be very discomforting.

Cure the Munchies

If you must … stock up on nuts (without salt) alternatively grab a muesli bar!



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