Lose Over 50 Pounds

How one women loss over 50 pounds.

From 185lbs to 133lbs

Mandy was able to stay slim despite her greasy diet as a teen by keeping active when she bused tables at a local restaurant. In 2005, Mandy changed jobs which put her behind a desk for a 13 hour shift. On her way home from a long day at work, she would stop and pick up a supersize burrito for dinner before collapsing in bed. In just a few months, Mandy gained an extra 40 pounds.

Mandy tried several fad diets, but would stray from each diet on the weekends. Mandy decided to head to the local grocery store and stock up on whole grains, lean meats, and produce. Five months after clean eating, Mandy started hitting the gym. She was able to take off another 10lbs by adding cardio training to her new diet. To top things off, she added weight training to her routine to get reduce more weight and to get in great shape. Mandy moved, and started working as a personal trainer.

Mandy made a lifestyle change that really paid off for her. She was able to find the right diet that worked for her, then added some exercise into her routine. With dedication, she was able to lose over 50 pounds and change her life.

The best diet for you is the one that you can stick too. Mandy tried several diets, but they just didn’t work for her. She was able to find the best diet for her and was committed to lose the weight that she had gained.

When it comes to weight loss, find the plan that you will stick with.


Plan ahead: Plan your meals and exercise routine.
Protein: Mandy’s diet consist of more protein and low fat. Make sure you stick with your diet plan.
Fresh Produce: Fresh produce was a key part to Mandy’s weight loss. Eat healthy and exercise.


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